Welcome to WORK2030 and deidei’s joint Diversity & Leadership Forum on 22.9.

How do we create a diverse workplace? How do we support and lead a diverse group of employees?

Although the benefits of diversity and inclusive leadership have been recognized from both the people and business perspectives, it is still difficult for many companies and organizations to actively advance it - especially if the responsibility remains with human resource management alone

Diversity refers to the spectrum of differences within a given setting - in an organization for example, it means the different backgrounds, educational paths, experiences, abilities, skills and values ​​of employees. Inclusive leadership is a part of an organization's ability to change, ensuring that they can operate effectively now and in the future. When each of us can be ourselves at the workplace, more and more members of the work community are able to reach their full potential.

Welcome to WORK2030 and deidei’s joint Diversity & Leadership Forum on 22.9. at 3 pm to discuss diversity and inclusive leadership at the workplace now and in the future - and how we can support and advance the development of more diverse work communities/teams through leadership.

Joining us to discuss the topic are deidei co-founders Jasmin Assulin and Iina Salminen, Secretary General at Vammaisfoorumi Anni Kyröläinen, Head of D&I at Nordea Finland Victor Bruck, Head of DEI at Futurice Heidi Pech, Swappie D&I + HR management Christian Vuorivirta-Martinez, Talent Boost Coordinator in Business Finland Regina Ainla, Research Manager at Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) Shadia Rask, CEO and Co-founder BusinessWiz Oy and Diversity & Inclusion coach Priyanka Banerjee, DEI researcher Laura Smith  and Sitowise's HR Director Taija Lehtola.

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The event is held in both Finnish and English.

The Diversity Leadership Forum will be organized as a virtual event. 


15:00 Welcoming words, Miia Savaspuro
15:05 Indrocudtion to the theme, dedei, Jasmin Assulin
15:20 First discussion: What’s preventing us from forming diverse teams and leading them inclusively? (in English): Priyanka Banerjee, Shadia Rask ja Anni Kyröläinen
15:50 Break
16:00 Case: Swappie
16:10 Second discusson: Organisaation läpäisevä inklusiivinen johtajuus (in Finnish): Victor Bruck, Heidi Pech, Regina Ainla ja Christian Vuorivirta-Martinez
16:40 Third discussion: Leadership of the future: Inclusive leadership (in English): Taija Lehtola, Iina Salminen and Laura Smith
17:10 Thank you & closing words
17:15 The event ends