The manifesto has ten points:

1.    No one will be left to cope alone. Social support provided in the workplace can help us get through big transitions and crises. We are all responsible for fostering a community spirit.  

 2.    We need a redefinition of working capacity. Having health issues does not mean you are unable to work. We agree to create optimal opportunities for work and employee engagement for everyone. Work should include support for mental health.

3.    A healthy work environment is the foundation for good mental health. Everyone is entitled to good leadership, proper organisation of work, feedback on their performance, and appreciation. Supervisors also need support for their work. 

4.    Everyone is entitled to a reasonable workload. A reasonable workload is the foundation for wellbeing and good work performance. Employee wellbeing leads to productivity, the ability to take initiative and willingness to be flexible.  

5.    Mental health is a success factor. Good mental health ensures our wellbeing and productivity, and gives us the ability to grow and change. The wellbeing of individual employees and the entire community makes the workplace more attractive.  

6.    Emotions belong in the workplace. We will build a safe and accepting atmosphere that encourages everyone to talk about mental health and problems at work, and enables us to solve problems together. 

7.    Let’s mind our manners! We all lead by example, by showing how we treat each other. Bad behaviour must be addressed, and it can be prevented by taking steps at the organisational level.

8.    We will foster awareness of the fact that good management of working capacity throughout our careers is an important strategic activity in the workplace. It impacts customer and personnel satisfaction as well as productivity.

9.    We invest in preventive action and in fostering wellbeing. This will alleviate the consequences of impaired mental health for the employee, the workplace and society. Occupational healthcare providers collaborate with workplaces to promote mental health at work. 

10.    Workplaces hold the keys to building better mental health at work. Mental health is our shared responsibility.