The material covers the stages of job accommodation as well as the roles of various parties and offers different means for job accommodation. You can utilise the material as a source for maintenance of good work ability, development of early support, support for returning to work and for expanding your perspective in preparation for a conversation with an employee, such as a work ability negotiation. 

For whom?

For everyone interested in job accommodation and work ability maintenance and people working with these topics, such as supervisors, HR personnel, management and occupational safety and health personnel. 


Helps you identify the significance of job accommodation  and find concrete ways for job accommodation to support psychological functional capacity and in situations in which a mental health disorder affects work ability. 

Job accommodation in a nutshell 

The employer is responsible for providing safe and healthy working conditions. Job accommodation  refers to all work ability management measures that help adapting work to fit a person’s work ability. Job accommodation can be used when an employee’s work ability has been threatened due to a mental health disorder or milder symptoms. 

Job accommodation can mean small changes made by the employee personally or with the support of the employer, and they can also be related to rehabilitation measures. Accommodation can be temporary or lead to permanent changes.  Accommodation is a process the objectives for which are agreed between the employer and the employee and which is followed up and assessed regularly. 

Job accommodation has been shown to shorten employees’ sickness absences. Workplace partners, such as occupational health care, can be used in job accommodation, but it cannot be carried out without developing the workplace’s own operations. 

Mind and job accommodation -material comprises the following sections:  

  • Mental health and work ability 
  • How job accommodation is done
    • Job modification steps
    • The roles of various parties related to job accommodation
    • Job accommodation measures
    • Avoiding problems
  • Communicating about job accommodation in the organization