The survey will help you identify the special characteristics of your workplace and provide you with tips on exercise, physical activity and recovery that is appropriate for your work community.

For whom?

Managers, supervisors, HR, occupational health care, occupational safety and health and personnel representatives. You should fill in the survey as a team, but it can also be filled in individually.


The tool will help you plan activities and promote exercise, physical activity and recovery as part of work ability management and the daily operations of the workplace.

Appropriate physical activity and recovery as part of work and practices of the work community

All work communities have the opportunity to facilitate recovery and physical activity that promotes well-being at work. It all starts with a positive attitude towards exercise and the desire to help the personnel cope at work. Workplaces should invest in employees’ opportunities and motivation to recover already during the working day using physical activity and exercise.

The Exercise According to Work survey will provide immediate feedback regarding the situation in your own organization or unit. You will also be provided with appropriate method cards containing further tips for promoting exercise, physical activity and recovery.

There are five method cards:

1. Exercise according to the characteristics of the work

2. Physical workload

3. Physical activity in sedentary work

4. Co-operation with occupational health care

5. Workplace practices that promote exercise, physical activity and recovery