Mental health is a significant part of work ability. Mental health disorders are currently the most common cause of incapacity for work in Finland.

Mental health problems cause costs of about 2.5 billion every year, including the value of lost labour input.

It is possible to have an effect on mental health in the workplace. Promotion of mental health and prevention of issues happens as co-operation between various actors of the workplace and occupational health care.

Support is needed at an early stage. Risks identified in time provide an opportunity to develop working conditions and the work community so that no serious issues are created. Early interventions improve employees' chances of continuing in work life.

With regard to occupational health collaboration, you should ensure that the prevention of mental health issues is defined as the objective and that measures to meet this objective that are appropriate for your organization are planned. It is also important to use commonly agreed indicators to monitor reaching those goals.

Tools for promoting mental health and work ability

The Mental Health Support Toolkit provides practical tools to promote mental health from different perspectives.

Support and flexibility are needed in organizational change situations, and they require leadership and a culture that is appreciative of people as well as co-operation, preparedness and continuity management. Take the Resilience Test to identify your  organization’s strengths and development targets related to its resilience.

Recovery Calculator guides you in identifying and solving challenges that are critical for recovery.

Important theme in promoting mental well-being also include the prevention of substance abuse and addiction issues. Substance Abuse Programme Tool helps in drawing up varied substance abuse programme as part of work ability management.